At Last: Same Sex Marriage

At Last: Same Sex Marriage

Finally Same Sex Marriage has come to New York: What we can Offer

Civil Union Couples can gain tremendous benefits from using divorce mediation to create divorce and parenting agreements, as well as prenuptial agreements.

Like divorce for other married couples, dissolving a Civil Union or same sex marriage can be costly if using the traditional divorce process. The process can drag out for months. There can be bitter fights over who gets the car, the couch, and how much time and when each party can spend with the child or children. Civil union partners or same sex marraige couples can sit together in a room privately to work out the details of their separation with an experienced mediator.

The result is less emotional distress for all of the parties involved. Divorce mediation helps individuals to work through the terms of the separation or divorce in a peaceful, private, process. It allows the final agreements to more fair and suitable for all parties involved.

Other Services

Blended Families
Blended Families have the highs rate of divorce. Mediating new roles, expectations and issues of conflict can help avoid commonly destructive forces between spouses and new family members.

Post-Marital Adjustments
Post-Marital Adjustments in co-parenting plans after a divorce.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Pre-Nuptial Agreements With couples marrying later and multiple marriages, having a pre-nuptial agreement is a smart decision. If handled poorly, these can end a relationship. Mediation is the best way to enter into a pre-marital agreement with both parties coming to an agreement that is best suitable to them.

Pet Visitation Schedules
Pet Visitation Schedules Don’t forget your precious pets during divorce or separation. They don’t have to end up with one “parent”. Instead, setting up a formal agreement about shared visitation can be as detailed as some people make for their children.

For people who love their pets, putting your pet’s interest first will make a better life for everyone.

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