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Child Support

In New York child support is usually paid by the non-custodial parent for the support, maintenance and education of the children. Voluntary gifts, clothes, transportation, vacation expenses or rent for the benefit the child may not be considered
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Property Division

Aside from discussing issues regarding children, if there are any, divorce mediation is a process wherein the parties exchange information regarding their assets and debts. We will during the mediation sessions review the assets both parties
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Family Mediation

Very often during the childhood and especially teenage years, parents may not agree on how to relate with the children or how to resolve certain issues. Mediation is perfect for discussing these issues with a neutral third party present during a family
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Legal Separation

Legal Separation is a legal status which couples can obtain through mediation. A legal separation provides couples with a temporary break from the marriage prior to a divorce or an interim arrangement as couples attempt to repair a marriage.
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Uncontested Divorce

The end result of any divorce mediation, if the couple has not opted to legally separate, is an uncontested divorce. This is a divorce without the battle. Through mediation, an uncontested divorce is less costly and much quicker than a contested
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Pensions and QDROs

When the parties have pensions and retirement plans such as 403Bs, Thrift Savings Annuities, and 401Ks through their employment, and the couple has determined through mediation that such property will be shared in any way a Court
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Pre-Nuptials and Post-Nuptials

This is an agreement between soon-to-be spouses. It is drafted prior to the marriage date. Agreements should be signed at least one month before the wedding date, but it is better to draft a pre-nuptial agreement
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Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Robyn D. Weisman, Esq. is a mediator as well as a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer. In the collaborative law process, both spouses have an attorney to negotiate in face to face meetings.
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Divorce Mediation at our mediation center involves working with a mediator to assist you through the discussion of important issues that effect your life and your family’s lives. These issues include custody, parenting time (visitation), child support, spousal support, property distribution, and the distribution of retirement plans. If necessary we will work with financial planners, real estate appraisers, child therapists, business appraisers, and actuaries for pension evaluations.

Blended Families
Blended Families have the highest rate of divorce. Mediating new roles, expectations and issues of conflict can help avoid commonly destructive forces between spouses and new family members.

Post-Marital Adjustments
Post-Marital Adjustments in co-parenting plans after a divorce.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Pre-Nuptial Agreements With couples marrying later and multiple marriages, having a pre-nuptial agreement is a smart decision. If handled poorly, these can end a relationship. Mediation is the best way to enter into a pre-marital agreement with both parties coming to an agreement that is best suitable to them.

Pet Visitation Schedules
Pet Visitation Schedules Don’t forget your precious pets during divorce or separation. They don’t have to end up with one “parent”. Instead, setting up a formal agreement about shared visitation can be as detailed as some people make for their children.
For people who love their pets, putting your pet’s interest first will make a better life for everyone.

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