Pension & QDROs

When the parties have pensions and retirement plans such as 403Bs, Thrift Savings Annuities, and 401Ks through their employment, and the couple has determined through mediation that such property will be shared in any way, a Court Order is necessary in New York State. These orders are called Qualified Domestic Relations Orders or Domestic Relations Orders. In many of our Courts in New York, these Orders will not be signed until the divorce is finalized. This does not apply to IRAs and certain other retirement plans.

Since it is necessary to have a separate Court Order for the division of these retirement funds, preparation of legal documents, communication with the Plan Administrators, and filing the Order is needed. Our long island divorce attorney will assist in the preparation, communication with the retirement plan administrators and filing of these documents for you.

During the consultation, the attorney/mediator will discuss any additional fees associated with the preparation and filing of these papers.

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