Pre-Nuptials & Post-Nuptials

Pre-nuptial Agreements

This is an agreement between soon-to-be spouses. It is drafted prior to the marriage date. Agreements should be signed at least one month before the wedding date, but it is better to draft a pre-nuptial agreement well in advanced of the wedding . Pre-nuptial agreements are generally designed to prevent property disputes in the event that a divorce does occur.
You cannot contract for child support, custody/timesharing of children. However, you can contract for most types of alimony or the non-existence of most types of alimony and the rights of premarital and marital property in the event of divorce.

Post-nuptial Agreements

This is an agreement between spouses on how to end a marriage should the occasion arise. Basically, it is just like a Pre-Nuptial Agreement but executed during the marriage. Very often an agreement may just identify a specific piece of property the parties may be concerned about.

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