Property Division

Property Division

Aside from discussing issues regarding children, if there are any, divorce mediation is a process wherein the parties exchange information regarding their assets and debts. We will during the mediation sessions, review the assets both parties have individually and as a family. This will include the home, cars, bank accounts, investment real estate, investment accounts, luxury vehicles and boats, and collectibles. We will come to agreements that are fair and equitable for all parties involved. If necessary our mediator can refer you to professionals who can assist in the division of property as well as the evaluation of the assets.

Sometimes parties feel that mediation or divorce cannot occur as the time to sell the marital home is not “prime” or affordable. We will discuss different options which can make staying in the home reasonable for either one party or both. Given the length and vast experience of our divorce mediators, they have seen scenarios which you may not have thought of and can guide you through these tough economic times.

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