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The end result of any divorce mediation, if the couple has not opted to legally separate, is an uncontested divorce. This is a divorce without the battle. Through mediation, an uncontested divorce is less costly and much quicker than a contested divorce. It is much more amicable and saves all parties involved from the stresses associated with a long, drawn out battle in Court. In an uncontested divorce, the parties do not see the courtroom. That is saved for the attorney who files the divorce paperwork.

At Divorce Mediation & Family Services of New York, the divorce mediator is also a family law attorney who has practiced matrimonial law on Long Island for over 25 years. The mediator/attorney is well versed in the Court system having also been a consultant mediator for Nassau County Family Court. Once an agreement is reached during the mediation process, our uncontested divorce lawyers in NYC will file the legal paperwork necessary to complete the Uncontested Divorce and obtain the divorce decree.

During the free initial consultation you will be versed on the legal divorce process and fees associated with the filing.

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