What is mediation in the first place?

Mediation In The First Place

Rather than going to the battlefield of the court room, divorce mediation strives to negotiate a peace treaty between the two parties in order to achieve a long-lasting and mutually beneficial plan without the hostility and stress of litigation. Essentially, by bypassing the court system that conventional divorce mandates, both individuals are able to amicably agree on terms that will behoove themselves and, more importantly, their families. The compromise that mediation facilitates enables everyone involved to walk away from the divorce feeling like they separated according to their own terms and needs.

Mediation removes the confrontation from divorce by having both parties cooperate in developing an effective divorce and parenting plan, instead of having lawyers clawing at each other for their client’s one-sided needs. While it is true that you are divorcing your soon-to-be ex-spouse for sufficient reason, don’t you want the best outcome for all involved?

At Divorce Mediation & Family Services of New York, Ltd. you will be working with certified attorneys who are not only legal professionals, but trained mediators who are able to take the interests of all parties to heart and reach an agreement that will create a comfortable dynamic for years to come.

The mediator is a neutral party who utilizes his or her skills in law, psychology, and other fields to channel sometimes opposing interests into progress towards a mutually agreeable settlement. Both clients will be encouraged to put more personal motives aside and focus on the most important issues (such as the well-being of the children). It may be difficult at first, but putting one’s self to the side and making a concerted effort to maximize the well-being of the family institution makes mediation a more-than-worthwhile alternative to conventional litigation.

Conventional litigation can put extreme financial pressure on a family, forcing both parties to pay for expensive attorneys, court dates, depositions, experts, massive hourly fees, etc. Mediation helps alleviate the financial stress that litigation comes with by removing a majority of the considerable time and expense found in a litigated divorce. Sessions can be booked according to a financial agenda that is comfortable for the separating couple, and the first consultation is entirely free of charge!

When it comes down to family well-being and fiscal responsibility, mediation is a clear pick over litigation. To contact Divorce Mediation & Family Services of New York, Ltd., please call us at 631-465-2140. Also follow us on Twitter @WeMediate, or Like our page on Facebook “Divorce Mediation & Family Services of New York, Ltd.”

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