We’ve all seen friends or family members or heard horror stories about long drawn out divorce battles with vicious lawyers who charge an arm and a leg for their services. It seems to escalate the conflicts more than resolve them. They argue over things they don’t even care about like who gets the contents of the shed?!

What you may not know is that there is a kinder, gentler way to divorce or separate. Divorce mediation involves the help of a neutral third party. One who isn’t biased toward one spouse or the other. This method requires the couple, with the assistance of the mediator, to work together to divide their assets and establish parenting and custody arrangements, and at the same time preserve a decent relationship throughout the process.

The added benefit of a trained mediator who is or has been a matrimonial attorney will provide for a rock solid agreement which will protect each of you with all of the legal issues you need to know. The attorney can also prepare the legal paperwork, so you don’t need to search elsewhere.

In your first session, it’s ok and actually very normal to feel anxious. Fear, sadness may be creeping up on you during the first session as well. But the mediator will be able to put you both at ease.

In my practice, the children, if there are any, are discussed first and will usually bring us all to a common ground. With years of experience in the Courts, working as a mediator in Family Court, and with a psychology background, we are able to work through the issues and find the options which best serve your family.

The goal is to fairly and equally divide our assets and to advocate for your children’s best interests in as few sessions as possible.

Remember, no one wins but the key is to be peaceful and come to a solution that works for all. It is the mediator’s goal to help you stay focused on the goal of separating peacefully.

The mutual goal: to finalize the divorce without spending a fortune on legal fees or becoming enemies. It will work! Find a mediator who you are comfortable with and who knows the law. And you will find the kindler, gentler way to separate or divorce.

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